Information about scenic state byway drives that can be taken as day trips in Eastern Washington is provided for the Coulee Corridor Scenic Byway, Lewis and Clark Trail Scenic Byway, Palouse Scenic Byway, and Yakima River Canyon Scenic Byway. These scenic routes are all accessible within an hour or two drive from Tri-Cities WA.

In addition, a guide to scenic photo collections of Southeast Washington, including the Tri-Cities, is provided. These photo collections will show that this region is not just a bunch of brown hills!

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Scenic Byway Drives & Day Trips - Eastern Washington

Washington State was one of the first states in the country to establish a system of scenic byways that can be driven as day trips. The four scenic byways nearest to the Tri-Cities region are:

  • Coulee Corridor Scenic Byway
  • Lewis and Clark Trail Scenic Byway
  • Palouse Scenic Byway
  • Yakima River Canyon Scenic Byway

Coulee Corridor Scenic Byway

(100 Miles - Between Omak and Othello)
Coulee Corridor Scenic Byway

The Coulee Corridor Scenic Byway is an amazing 150-mile road trip that reveals the story of the Ice Age floods when vast reservoirs of water flooded and receded from this valley hundreds of times. One of the most unique natural landscapes in the United States, this area was formed as the force of water fought against the strength of basalt rock. The result is a geologist's mecca.

Lewis and Clark Trail Scenic Byway

(572 Miles - Between Clarkston on the Idaho border and Cape Disappointment on the Pacfic Coast)
Lewis and Clark Trail Scenic Byway

The Lewis and Clark Trail Scenic Byway allows you to follow in the footsteps of the Lewis & Clark Expedition. From the dry canyons of the Snake River, to the flowing waters of the Columbia, you can retrace the expedition's adventures.

Palouse Scenic Byway

(208 Miles - In Southeastern Washington around Pullman)
Palouse Scenic Byway

The Palouse Scenic Byway is a patchwork quilt of rolling terrain taking you over hundreds of miles of undulating hills, rich farmlands, and friendly rural communities. The majestic landscape is speckled with buttes offering spectacular panoramic vistas and wildlife viewing. Recreation abounds as well with opportunities for sightseeing, photography, hiking, biking, and fishing.

Yakima River Canyon Scenic Byway

(18 Miles - Between Yakima and Ellensburg)
Yakima River Canyon Scenic Byway

The Yakima River Canyon Scenic Byway is an alternative route to Interstate 82 between Yakima and Ellensburg. This route follows the Yakima River, dividing the hills of sage covered desert between Yakima and Ellensburg. The basalt cliffs, some rising more than 2,000 feet, reveal a story of cataclysmic geologic events.

The canyon is known for its year-round sport fishing and as a blue ribbon catch-and-release trout stream. The crevices and cliffs make a perfect home for the densest concentration of nesting hawks, eagles, and falcons in the state.

Scenic Photo Collections - South Eastern Washington State

Take a tour of South Eastern Washington State by exploring the scenic photo collections created by local photographers who enjoy outdoor photography.

Flickr Photostreams

Flickr Photostream Tri-Cities

Several local photographers and artists use Flickr to upload their photographs and images of their artwork for sharing with others. Two collections representing this region are available for Tri-Cities, WA and South Eastern Washington.

John Clement Photography

John Clement Photography

John Clement is a master landscape photographer from the Tri-Cities and his photographs have achieved world acclaim. You can see many of his wonderful landscapes of this region at John Clement Photography.

Lynn Suckow

Lynn Suckow's Photostream

Lynn Suckow (aka Walla2Chick) has composed many wonderful photographs in and around Walla Walla where she resides. View her sensory and perceptual experiences of Walla Walla My Home Town and Eastern Washington.

Nick Page

Nick Page Photographer

Nick Page is a photographer with a studio in Dayton, Washington and he has a nice collection of landscape photographs taken around the Walla Walla region.

Scott Butner

Scott Butner's Photostream

Scott Butner started out as a sports photographer in Seattle before embarking on a long career in scientific research. He now devotes full time to professional photography in the Tri-Cities as Scott Butner Photography, LLC. Check out his collection of photographs of South Eastern Washington.

The Columbia River - A Photographic Journey

The Columbia River

The Columbia River - A Photographic Journey is about Lewis & Clark's Columbia River - "200 Years Later." This modern journey includes over 2,500 images of geographic areas and interesting items along 330-plus miles of the Columbia River from Richland, Washington to the Pacific Ocean, covering the area as seen by Lewis and Clark in 1805 and 1806. Quite a bit of local history and trivia is also presented.

Webcams - Traffic & Weather

Traffic & Weather Cam

Both the Washington State Department of Transportation and Oregon State Department of Transportation provide information on traffic and weather conditions that include webcams.

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