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Community and Adult Education


This community boasts a significant population with scientific and technical skills due to the historical relationship with the Hanford Site and an economy anchored in high-technology, light and heavy manufacturing, service industry, federal government and agriculture. The ability to obtain advanced college degrees in this community is possible. Some of the educational opportunities are listed below:

K-12 School Districts

There are three K-12 school districts in the Tri-Cities: Kennewick School District, Pasco School District and the Richland School District.

STEM Education in the Tri-Cities

The Washington State STEM Education Foundation, a non-profit organization located in the Tri-Cities, is a national model for generating passionate support for Science, Technology, Engineering and Math in public education. The first STEM-based school to open in the Tri-Cities is Delta High School which is located in Pasco. The newest STEM school in the Tri-Cities is Leona Libby Middle School in West Richland.

Charter College

Charter College is a private college with a branch in Pasco that offers a "fast track" studies program leading to various certificates and degrees.

Columbia Basin College

Columbia Basin College (CBC) in Pasco is a community college that serves the educational needs of the Tri Cities by offering a number of two-year degree programs. Some of these programs allow students to continue their studies at Washington State University - Tri-Cities.

Heritage University

Heritage University has a branch campus at Columbia Basin College that offers several undergraduate programs. They also have a Master of Education program.

Washington State University - Tri-Cities

Washington State University - Tri-Cities in Richland is a branch campus of Washington State University in Pullman and offers upper-division college courses leading to a Bachelor or Master Degree. Students can also complete work towards a Ph. D. on campus.

Community Education Program

Kennewick School District's Community Education Program offers a variety evening and weekend classes for adults on the go in the Tri-Cities.

Private & Religious Based Schools

There are several private and religious based schools in the Tri-Cities that include:

Community Forums

City-Data Forum

City-Data Forum: Tri-Cities

City-Data Forum: Tri-Cities is a community forum for the Tri-Cities and a good way to exchange information: ask a question and the locals will respond. This forum gets a lot of questions from those who are considering relocating to the Tri-Cities or have recently moved to the Tri-Cities.

reddit - Tri-Cities: Richland, Kennewick, Pasco & surrounding area

Reddit is a network of communities based on people's interests. Find communities you're interested in, and become part of an online community! There is a redit forum for Tri-Cities: Richland, Kennewick, Pasco & surrounding area.

Community Newspapers & Business Journals

Note: view the News, Magazines, Radio & TV section for more local media resources.

Magazine cover for Tri-Cities Area Journal of Business

Tri-Cities Area Journal of Business

The Tri-Cities Area Journal of Business offers comprehensive coverage of business news in Prosser, Benton City, West Richland, Richland, Kennewick and Pasco.

Tri-City Herald - Regional News

The Tri-City Herald is a local newspaper that covers the Tri-Cities and Mid-Columbia region.

Progress Edition: Read the Tri-City Herald's Progress Edition that covers topics related to the Tri-Cities Communities & Lifestyle, Business & Economy, Agriculture & Commerce, and Science & Technology.

tú Decides

tú Decides is the area's first bilingual Hispanic newspaper with a mission to provide all generations of Hispanics with a more balanced perspective and keener insight into the issues of our time. In effect, each reader is given an opportunity to decide for himself-- 'Tu Decides'.

Convention Centers

Three Rivers Convention Center

HAPO Center

The HAPO Center (formerly the TRAC), located at 6600 Burden Blvd. in Pasco, is a large versatile event center.

The HAPO Center offers a versatility that few event venues can offer to both the promoters and to the public. The complex features a 38,184 square foot Exposition Hall & 39,200 indoor concrete floor arena, supported by a spacious Atrium and three conference rooms.

Over 84,000 square feet of exhibit space is available, making The HAPO Center one of the largest event venues in Washington. Each area within the complex is a standalone venue or all the areas may be combined for larger events.

The HAPO Center was also built around the needs of the Equine Community and offers many amenities such as increased stall capacity, large warm up arena, etc. Follow us on Facebook

Three Rivers Convention Center

The Three Rivers Convention Center, located at 7016 W. Grandridge Blvd. in Kennewick, offers an expansive 75,000 square feet of space. The Convention Center's sparkling 14,000 square foot foyer is perfect for social activities, receptions, meeting registrations and more.

At full capacity, the Convention Center's show piece, the Great Hall, offers 21,600 square feet of meeting or exhibit space, or divide it to create more personalized settings.

Nine additional meeting rooms are available for breakout and office space, perfect to complement the Great Hall and offer variety to meet the complex needs of multi-day programs. Follow us on Facebook

Toyota Center & Windermere Theatre

The Toyota Center & Windermere Theatre, located at 7000 W. Grandridge Blvd. in Kennewick, is a multi-purpose facility that annually hosts over 150 meeting room and arena events.

Many great names in the music industry have played the stage at the Toyota Center. It is also the home of the Western Hockey League's Tri-City Americans.

In addition to the sporting events and concerts, the Toyota Center plays host to consumer and trade shows, banquets, conventions, family shows, meetings and much more. Follow us on Facebook

Economic and Business Development

Tri-Cities Business Center

Chambers of Commerce

The goal of the Chamber of Commerce in each community is to promote business economic growth. The following Chambers of Commerce represent the Tri-Cities:

Pasco Chamber of Commerce

The Pasco Chamber of Commerce strives to bring the area businesses together with each other and the community to achieve economic security and an overall exceptional quality of life. From business to agriculture to education, the Chamber is a major supporter of the Greater Pasco Area. Follow us on Facebook

Tri-Cities Hispanic Chamber of Commerce

The Tri-Cities Hispanic Chamber of Commerce (TCHCC) is organized for the purpose of advancing the economic, industrial, professional, cultural, agricultural, educational and civic welfare of the Tri-Cities and surrounding communities. Follow us on Facebook

Tri-Cities Regional Chamber of Commerce

The Tri-Cities Regional Chamber of Commerce is working to enhance the Tri-City region, making it an ideal location for families and businesses to prosper. The Chamber has a section About the Tri-Cities that includes quick links to regional facts, phone numbers, tourism, and education. Follow us on Facebook

West Richland Chamber of Commerce

The West Richland Chamber of Commerce invites you to enjoy their growing amenities as you visit area wineries and destination points of interest. West Richland is adjacent to the Red Mountain American Viticultural Area, attracting thousands of tourists and local citizens each year. Follow us on Facebook

Port Districts

A Port district is a municipal corporation, organized under state law and authorized by a majority vote of the residents in the proposed district, and is governed by a locally elected board of commissioners. The following Port Districts represent the Tri-Cities:

Port of Benton

The Port of Benton (Richland) fosters economic development, trade and tourism by providing quality infrastructure and multimodal transportation at a variety of sites. Follow us on Facebook

Port of Kennewick

The Port of Kennewick is working with economic development partners in West Richland, Richland, Kennewick, Benton City, and Benton County, to foster sustainable business, industrial, and commercial development district-wide.

Port of Pasco

The Port of Pasco is a port of transportation. Vital transportation links are one of the keys to the Port of Pasco facilities. The area's geographic location makes it a hub for the entire Pacific Northwest area.

Tri-Cities Research District

The Tri-Cities Research District is the Pacific Northwest's center of technology invention and advancement. It is recognized as a place where people with ideas create technologies that solve problems and produce commercial value. Follow us on Facebook

Tri-City Development Council (TRIDEC)

The mission of the Tri-City Development Council (TRIDEC) is to increase economic activity throughout Benton and Franklin Counties. TRIDEC is managed by a 39-member board of directors, comprised of representatives from the local business community, private sector leaders, and organizations committed to creating and supporting jobs in our region. When it comes to business we offer better locations and faster permitting! Visit Explore Tri-Cities, WA for more information. Follow us on Facebook

Facts & Demographics

Ed Hendler Memorial Bridge (aka Cable Bridge)

About the Tri-Cities

The Tri-Cities metropolitan area consists of three neighboring cities: Kennewick, Pasco and Richland. A fourth neighboring city, West Richland, is generally included as part of this metropolitan area. The population of the Tri-Cities metropolitan area was 253,540 based on the 2010 Census, making it the fourth largest metropolitan area in Washington State

Kennewick, Richland and West Richland are located in Benton County while Pasco is located in Franklin County (see Tri-Cities Area Maps & Communities).

Benton-Franklin Trends

Benton-Franklin Trends provides information on many indicators such as People, Agriculture, Culture, Recreation & Tourism, Economic Vitality, Education, Environmental Sustainability, Health, Housing, Public Safety, and Transportation that offers residents and visitors a comprehensive view of our community. Follow us on Facebook is useful for looking up community profiles for Kennewick, Pasco, Richland and West Richland.

Municipal Research and Services Center (MRSC) of Washington

The Municipal Research and Services Center (MRSC) of Washington is useful for looking up City & County Profiles, Directory of City and Town Officials, City & County Codes, News, Press Releases, and Newsletters of Washington Local Governments. Information is available for Kennewick, Pasco, Richland, West Richland, Benton County, and Franklin County.

Tri-Cities Visitor and Convention Bureau

Visit the Tri-Cities Visitor and Convention Bureau for information about the Tri-Cities that includes visitor and relocation information. Follow us on Facebook

U.S. Census Bureau - Explore Census Data

The U.S. Census Bureau maintains Explore Census Data which is useful for finding population, housing, economic, and geographic data for any community. Just enter the name of any U.S. community in their search box.


Wikipedia has information available for Tri-Cities, Kennewick, Pasco, Richland, West Richland, Benton County and Franklin County.

Garbage, Power, Water & Sewer Services

The following is a list of utility service providers for the Tri-Cities.

City of Kennewick

City of Pasco

City of Richland

City of West Richland

Cascade Natural gas

Cascade Natural Gas services the Tri-Cities area.

Health & Human Services

Health Professional

Major Hospitals and Health Service Providers

The Tri-Cities has three hospitals and other major health service providers that include:

Benton Franklin Community Action Committee (BFCAC)

Benton Franklin Community Action Committee (BFCAC) was established in 1966 to assist low-income families & individuals to identify options and alternatives for self-sufficiency and independence by improving their chances for filling their employment, housing and childcare needs.

BFCAC provides services under approximately forty-two (42) different contracts and networks with community partners to provide a wide variety of services in Benton and Franklin Counties.

Community Resources - WSU Tri-Cities

Washington State University - Tri-Cities has compiled a list of community resources in the Tri-Cities that include Counseling Services, Contact/Help Line, Disaster, Domestic Violence, Food/Clothing/Shelter/Housing, Individual & Family Services, Legal, Medical/Health Services, Sexual Assault, and Transportation.

Health & Human Service Assistance - Dial 2-1-1

If you know someone who needs help with housing, child care, holiday meals, or gift programs for those in need, dial 2-1-1.

United Way collaborates with several local and state-wide organizations to insure the 2-1-1 telephone information and referral system continues in Benton and Franklin counties.

Innovaging - Senior Living Strategies

Innovaging provides a list of senior resources and services for the Tri-Cities.

Internet, Phone & Cable/Satellite TV Services

Internet TV Services

Internet, phone, and cable/satellite TV services are available in the Tri-Cities that include:


Mid-Columbia Library - Kennewick

The Tri-Cities has several public, college, law, medical, research and technical libraries that include the following:

Livability & Sustainability

Livability & Sustainability

Alliance for a Livable and Sustainable Community

The mission of Alliance for a Livable and Sustainable Community is to promote and advocate livable and sustainable principles and practices in the Tri-City region by bringing stakeholders together to create and maintain a community-wide collaborative effort for improved quality of life for all in our community.

Museums & Interpretive Centers


For information about museums and interpretive centers, historical societies, architectural history, genealogical societies, Hanford history including the B Reactor, historical photo & video collections, and Native American history for the Tri-Cities Washington region then check out Museums & Interpretive Centers.

Regional Transportation

Ben Franklin Transit

Benton-Franklin Council of Governments

Benton-Franklin Council of Governments serves as the Regional Transportation Planning Organization (RTPO) for the jurisdictions within Benton, Franklin, and Walla Walla Counties in southeastern Washington State. You can find information on future planned road construction projects in the Tri-Cities. Follow us on Facebook

Amtrak Passenger Rail

Amtrak provides connection from Pasco to the daily Empire Builder serving Portland and Chicago.

Ben-Franklin Transit

Ben-Franklin Transit bus routes cover Kennewick, Pasco, Richland, West Richland, Prosser and Benton City. Riding the bus to work, shopping, school or for visiting friends is easy and economical.

Greyhound Bus Lines

Greyhound Bus Lines operates a bus terminal near the Amtrak station in Pasco.

Tri-Cities Airport

The Tri-Cities Airport is a major commercial air carrier airport in Pasco that is served by Delta, Alaska Air/Horizon Air, United and Allegiant with flights to Seattle, Portland, San Francisco, Minneapolis/St. Paul, Denver, Salt Lake City, Los Angeles, Las Vegas and Mesa, Arizona. Follow us on Facebook

Telephone Directories

Telephone Directory

There are two telephone directories that serve the Tri-Cities for finding businesses, maps and more: Mid-Columbia Telephone Directory and dexknows. They both offer downloadable apps for iPhone and Android phones.

Washington State Licensing Information

Visit the Washington State Department of Licensing for information on obtaining a Washington driver license, registering your vehicle and boat, transfering a professional license, registering to vote and obtaining a business license.

Note: you are considered a Washington resident when you do any of the following:

  • Arrive in Washington and begin establishing a home in the state
  • Register to vote
  • Receive state benefits
  • Apply for any state license
  • Seek in-state tuition fees
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