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Information is provided about the live music scene in Tri-Cities Washington that includes local bands and musicians, venues, and live music calendars.

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Live Music Calendars


Check the following calendars to find out who's performing at the various venues in the Tri-Cities:

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Christian Music Concerts

Convention Centers


Three Rivers Folklife Society: coffee house - concerts

Karaoke & Open Mic


Pendleton, Walla Walla and Yakima Music Event Calendars

Are you planning to go to Pendleton, Walla Walla or Yakima for an evening? If so, check out who is performing by viewing the following calendars:


Walla Walla


Live Music Venues

The following bars, breweries, eateries, taverns, wineries and wine bars feature live music entertainment.

3 Eyed Fish Wine Bar 3 Eyed Fish Wine Bar (Richland)
Barnard Griffin Wine Bar & Eatery Barnard Griffin Wine Bar & Eatery (Richland)
Bookwalter Winery Bookwalter Winery (Richland)
Cheese Louise Cheese Louise (Richland)
Dax's Bar & GrillDax's Bar & Grill (Richland) Follow us on Facebook
Grill On Gage Grill on Gage (Kennewick) Follow us on Facebook
Gordon Estate Winery Gordon Estate Winery (Pasco)
Ice Harbor Brewing CompanyIce Harbor Brewing Company (Kennewick)
Jacksons Sports BarJack•son's Bar & Restaurant (Richland)
Kimo's Sports BarKimo's Sports Bar (Richland)
Market Vineyards Market Vineyards (Richland) Follow us on Facebook
Mezzo Thai Tappas Mezzo Thai (Richland) Follow us on Facebook

Parkade Bar & GrillParkade Bar & Grill (Kennewick) Follow us on Facebook
R.F. McDougalls R.F. McDougalls (Richland)
Ray's Golden LionRay's Golden Lion (Richland)
Roxy BarRoxy Bar (Kennewick) Follow us on Facebook
Smasne Cellars Smasne Cellars (Kennewick)
Tagaris Winery Taverna Tagaris
The Branding IronThe Branding Iron (Kennewick)
The Emerald of Siam The Emerald of Siam (Richland) Follow us on Facebook
The PubThe Pub (Kennewick)
The Stove TopThe Stove Top (Kennewick)
Thomas O'Neil Cellars Thomas O'Neil Cellars (Richland) Follow us on Facebook
Tony Roma'sTony Roma's (Kennewick)
Uptown Bar & GrillUptown Bar & Grill (Richland) Follow us on Facebook

Bands & Musicians

The following is a list of some of the muscians that perform acoustic, blues, funk, jazz, Latin jazz, alternative, country, hip hop, metal, rhythm & blues, rock, and Christian music in the Tri-Cities. There are even a couple of DJ's listed.

3 Way Street 3 Way Street (jazz, blues R&B, pop)
Adrienne Bousquet Adrienne Bousquet (vocalist - American standards, classics)
Alberto Navarro Alberto Navarro (regional Mexicano, blues, country)
Badger Mountain Dry Band Badger Mountain Dry Band (bluegrass)
Baja Dunes Baja Dunes (smooth jazz, 60's & 70's popular & country)
Benson Brooks Benson Brooks (electric/acoustic duo) Follow us on Facebook
Bent on Blues Bent on Blues (blues, R&B, classic rock) Follow us on Facebook
BlackWater BlackWater (blues, rock, pop, dance) Follow us on Facebook
Blue Mountain Spanish Sound Blue Mountain Spanish Sound (high energy acoustic) Follow us on Facebook
Cale Moon Cale Moon (country, gospel, Christian) Follow us on Facebook
Colorblind Colorblind (rock and roll) Follow us on Facebook
Dan McCool Dan McCool (retro eclectic acoustic classics, jazz, blues)
Dan Myers Dan Myers (improvised acoustic and synthetic arrangements)
Dave & Scott Dave & Scott (acoustic, indie) Follow us on Facebook
DJ Arksigo DJ Arksigo (original music, remixes, trance, house, minimal)
DJ BounceHouse DJ BounceHouse (electronic melodic dubstep / progressive house)
Doug Rice Guitarist Doug Rice Guitarist (acoustic fingerstyle, jazz, rock, funk, and blues)
Eddie Manzanares Eddie Manzanares (acoustic Latin jazz, salsa)
Evan Egerer Evan Egerer (acoustic, rock, blues)
Faith Martin Faith Martin (vocals)
Fallout Fallout (rock and roll) Follow us on Facebook
Fishbowl Fishbowl (reggae, dub, funk)
The Frog Hollow Band The Frog Hollow Band (country) Follow us on Facebook
Groove Principle Groove Principle (rock and roll)
Highway 12 Band Highway 12 Band (classic rock) Follow us on Facebook
Jack Rothwell Jack Rothwell (acoustic)

Just Sayin' Just Sayin' (classic rock)
Kate Turner Kate Turner (country rock)
Jamie Nasario Jamie Nasario (vocals) Follow us on Facebook
Kelly Noelle Kelly Noelle (jazz singer)
Last Call Last Call (classic rock, blues)
Luke Basile Luke Basile (acoustic guitar)
MissyG band MissyG (country classic, southern rock) Follow us on Facebook
Nasty Jack Nasty Jack (rock) Follow us on Facebook
Nuketown Nuketown (country)
Pamela Thomas-Martin Pamela Thomas-Martin (Americana, rock, folk)
Roger Quesnell Roger Quesnell (fusion, blues, jazz)
Run From Cover Run From Cover (alternative, rock) Follow us on Facebook
Stompin Ground Stompin' Ground (country rock, classic country & rock-n-roll)
Sweep the Leg Sweep the Leg (rock) Follow us on Facebook
The East Westerners The East Westerners (funk, progressive blues)
The Kuntzen Brothers The Knutzen Brothers (originals, standards, country, pop)
The Millionaires Club The Millionaires Club (alternative rock, blues)
The Shades The Shades (classic rock and pop)
The Spirit Animals The Spirit Animals (rock)
The Trio The Trio (eclectic music)
The Vaughn Jensen Band The Vaughn Jensen Band (blues, southern rock, indie)
Three Rivers Saxtette Three Rivers Saxtette (jazz, swing)
Tony Woods Tony Woods (acoustic guitar)
Vicky and the Velvetones Vicky and the Velvetones (classic rock, blues, reggae)
Wayman Chapman Wayman Chapman (blues, R&B, jazz)


Three Rivers Folklife Society logo

The Three Rivers Folklife Society (3RFS) was organized in 1988 and is dedicated to promoting folk music in the Tri-Cities.

They sponsor a coffee house on the second Friday of each month from September through May or June. They also sponsor several concerts once or twice each month from September through May. Follow us on Facebook


Tri-Cities Karaoke

Looking for Karaoke venues in the Tri-Cities? If so, check out Tri City Karaoke where you can find a calendar that shows what's happening at different venues. Follow us on Facebook

Open Mic & Jam Nights

Open Mic in the Tri-Cities logo

Open Mic in the Tri-Cities is a site maintained by Tom Gnoza to promote open mic shows in the Tri-Cities. Currently, he is only listing The Emerald of Siam in Richland which has jam nights every Wednesday starting at 9 p.m.

Dan McCool is hosting jam nights at Smasne Cellars in Kennewick on the first Tuesday of the month from 6-9 p.m.

Dax's Bar & Grill in Richland has jam nights every Thursday starting at 7 p.m. and Ty's Bar & Grill in West Richland has jam nights every Thursday starting at 8 p.m.

Eddie Manzanares is hosting acoustic jam nights at Grill On Gage in Kennewick every Wednesday evening starting a 6:30 p.m.

Tri-City Music Archive

Tri-City Music Archive logo

The Tri-City Music Archive was an ambitious project that started in 2005 to serve as a visual history of underground and independent music from the Tri-Cities.

The last flyer archive update was in August 2006. The archive currently has 468 flyers going back to the early '90s associated with 576 bands and 56 venues.

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