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Information is provided about the "nightlife" music scene in Tri-Cities Washington that includes local bands and musicians, venues, and music event calendars.

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Music Event Calendars

Tri-Cities Live Music

Check the following calendars to find out who's performing at the various venues in the Tri-Cities:


Tri-Cities Karaoke

Looking for Karaoke venues in the Tri-Cities? If so, check out Tri City Karaoke where you can find a calendar that shows what's happening at different venues. Follow us on Facebook

Open Mic/Jam Nights

Open Mic Jam Nights in the Tri-Cities

Looking for a place to try out a new song or just want to play and have no gig? Tri-Cities Jam/Open Mic Community publishes Open Mic and Jam Night events in the Tri-Cities area.

There is something going on every evening with hosts that include Mondo Ray, Vaughn Jensen, The Coast, Barefoot Randy, Brian Holbrook, Pamela Thomas-Martin, and others.

Mid-Columbia Bluegrass Association

The Mid-Columbia Bluegrass Association sponsors several jams that start in September and run through May. These are family-oriented events and everyone is welcome. So, bring your instruments and family members and be ready to enjoy a wonderful evening of music.

  • Acoustic Jam - Tuesdays at 7 p.m. (except 3rd Tuesday of the month) - Quinault Baptist Church, 5400 W Canal Dr. in Kennewick. All musical genres are ok so long as it is with an acoustic instrument though mostly we do bluegrass, old time, and a bit of country.
  • Bluegrass Jam - 1st Thursday of the month at 7 p.m. - Pasco Christian Church, 1524 W Marie St. in Pasco. This Bluegrass music jam is usually made up of the typical acoustic bluegrass instruments; guitar, fiddle, banjo, bass, mandolin, dobro.

Washington Old Time Fiddlers

The Washington Old Time Fiddlers (District 12) holds a monthly jam session and show the second Thursday of each month at 7 p.m. at the Knights of Columbus Hall in Richland. Follow us on Facebook

Nightlife Music Venues

The following is a list of some of the venues in the Tri-Cities that feature live music entertainment.

3 Eyed Fish Wine Bar 3 Eyed Fish Wine Bar (Richland)
Bookwalter Winery Bookwalter Winery (Richland) Follow us on Facebook
Branding Iron Branding Iron (Kennewick) Follow us on Facebook
Budd's Broiler Budd's Broiler (Richland) Follow us on Facebook
Cheese Louise Cheese Louise (Richland) Follow us on Facebook
Clover Island Inn Clover Island Inn (Kennewick) Follow us on Facebook
Collegium Café Collegium Café (Pasco) Follow us on Facebook
Fox and Bear Public HouseFox and Bear Public House (Richland) Follow us on Facebook
Gordon Estate Winery Gordon Estate Wine Bar (Pasco) Follow us on Facebook
Jokers Comedy Club Jokers Comedy Club (Richland) Follow us on Facebook
La Tropicana La Tropicana (Pasco)
Long Branch Bar & Grill Long Branch Bar & Grill (Kennewick) Follow us on Facebook
Mai House Seafood Grill and Bar Mai House Seafood Grill and Bar (Kennewick)
Mezzo Thai Tappas Mezzo Thai (Richland) Follow us on Facebook
Ms. Rhoda's Wine Garden Ms. Rhoda's Wine Garden (Richland)
Nomad Kitchen & Lounge Nomad Kitchen & Lounge (Kennewick)
Paper Street Alehouse Paper Street Alehouse (Richland) Follow us on Facebook

R.F. McDougalls R.F. McDougalls (Richland) Follow us on Facebook
Roxy BarRoxy Bar (Kennewick) Follow us on Facebook
Shrub Steppe Brewing Shrub Steppe Brewing (Richland)
Taverna Tagaris Taverna Tagaris (Richland) Follow us on Facebook
The Emerald of Siam The Emerald of Siam (Richland) Follow us on Facebook
Tin Hat Tavern Tin Hat Tavern (Kennewick)
Venezia Ristorante Venezia Ristorante (Richland)
Whiskey River Bar & Grill Whiskey River Bar & Grill (Richland) Follow us on Facebook
Winenotes Wine Bar Winenotes Wine Bar (West Richland)
Wook's Craft & Cork Wook's Craft & Cork (West Richland)

Are you planning to go to Pendleton, Prosser, Walla Walla or Yakima for an evening? If so, check out the following venues:



Walla Walla


Bands & Musicians

The following is a list of some of the muscians that perform acoustic, blues, funk, jazz, Latin jazz, alternative, country, hip hop, metal, rhythm & blues, rock, and Christian music in the Tri-Cities. There are even a couple of DJ's listed.

3rd Date 3rd Date (rock & roll)
Alberto Navarro Alberto Navarro (regional Mexicano, blues, country)
Badger Mountain Dry Band Badger Mountain Dry Band (bluegrass)
Badlandz Badlandz (music that feels good)
Barefoot Randy Barefoot Randy (singer/song writer)
Benson Brooks Benson Brooks (electric/acoustic duo) Follow us on Facebook
Bent on Blues Bent on Blues (blues, R&B, classic rock) Follow us on Facebook
Brian Holbrook Brian Holbrook (alternative, folk, country)
Colorblind Colorblind (rock and roll) Follow us on Facebook
CrashWurX CrashWurX (classic & original rock)
Dan McCool Dan McCool (retro eclectic acoustic classics, jazz, blues)
Dan Myers Dan Myers (acoustic and synthetic arrangements)
Dave & Scott Dave & Scott (acoustic, indie) Follow us on Facebook
DJ BounceHouse DJ BounceHouse (electronic melodic dubstep / progressive house)
Doug Rice Guitarist Doug Rice Guitarist (acoustic fingerstyle, jazz, rock, funk, and blues)
Eddie Manzanares Eddie Manzanares (acoustic Latin jazz, salsa)
Evan Egerer Evan Egerer (acoustic, rock, blues)
Fallout Fallout (rock and roll)
Frazer Wambeke Frazer Wambeke (soul, blues, funk, jazz, instrumental)
Groove Principle Groove Principle (rock and roll)
Highway 12 Band Highway 12 Band (classic rock) Follow us on Facebook
Jack Jones Jack Jones (vintage country, swing, Latin, old jazz)
Jack Rothwell Jack Rothwell (acoustic rock/pop)
Jami Cooper Jami Cooper (Christian singer/songwriter)
JK Duo JK Duo (rock/pop)
Kate Turner Kate Turner (country rock) Follow us on Facebook
Jamie Nasario Jamie Nasario (vocals - old school soul & blues) Follow us on Facebook
Katie Smith Katie Smith (singer/song writer)
Kira Palm Trio Kira Palm Trio (jazz)
Last Call Last Call (classic rock, blues)
Lawrence Huntley Lawrence Huntley (international folk instrumentals)
Luke Basile Luke Basile (acoustic guitar)
Matt hammer Matt Hammer (folk)
Melissa Cunnington Melissa Cunnington (jazz/pop singer) Follow us on Facebook
Mondo Ray Mondo Ray (guitarist - open mic jam host)
My Favorite Toy My Favorite Toy (rock)
Nerve Centr Nerve Centr (rock)
Nuketown Nuketown (country)
Pamela Thomas-Martin Pamela Thomas-Martin (Americana, rock, folk) Follow us on Facebook
Quinell Oucharek Quinell Oucharek (acoustic folk/rock)
Roger Quesnell Roger Quesnell (fusion, blues, jazz)
Skydogs Skydogs (classic rock, R&B, country rock, classic country)
Soundwall Soundwall (rock & roll)
Stompin Ground Stompin' Ground (country rock, classic country & rock-n-roll)
TC Latin Fusion TC Latin Fusion (Latin infused rock and blues)
The Coast The Coast (alternative, pop)
The Kuntzen Brothers The Knutzen Brothers (originals, standards, country, pop)
The Shades The Shades (classic rock, pop)
The Stormcloaks The Stormcloaks (alternative rock)
The Vaughn Jensen Band The Vaughn Jensen Band (blues, southern rock, indie)
Three Rivers Saxtette Three Rivers Saxtette Follow us on Facebook
Tony Woods Tony Woods (acoustic guitar)
Trillium-239 Trillium 239 (acoustic singer-songwriter trio with cello)
Troublemaker Troublemaker (rock/hard rock)
U4RIA U4RIA (alternative/funk/punk rock)
VooDoo Alley VooDoo Alley (party rock)
Wabi Sabi Wabi Sabi (jazz fusion)

Ray's Golden Lion - Closed

Ray's Golden Lion

Ray Chin opened Ray's Golden Lion in 1963 and turned his venue into a hot spot for food and entertainment. Ray's was different, a restaurant by day and a club by night, booking big-time musicians like Frank Sinatra Junior and Ike and Tina Turner.

It was in the early 2000's that Ray saw the transformation into a place for punk, rock and rap music for not just young adults but those under 21, as well. Ray's featured a stage in the bar that provided many local bands with a venue to play for the first time. Ray's Golden Lion closed in October 2015 after more than 50 years of business. Ray died on February 14, 2016 as a result of injuries he suffered after being struck by a car a few days earlier.

Local photographer, Scott Butner, photographed a number of bands over a period of 4-5 years prior to the closing of Ray's, and compiled a list of photo albums from the shows he could find in What he gave us...

Tri-City Music Archive

Tri-City Music Archive logo

The Tri-City Music Archive was an ambitious project that started in 2005 to serve as a visual history of underground and independent music from the Tri-Cities.

The last flyer archive update was in August 2006. The archive currently has 468 flyers going back to the early '90s associated with 576 bands and 56 venues.

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